Young at Heart: Ethel Barrymore and Frank Sinatra

One of my favorite all-time movies, Young at Heart (1954, produced by Gordon Douglas), revolves around the Tuttle sisters, Fran, Laurie, and Amy, in their search for love. The three girls do find love, but in three very different ways in this remake of an earlier movie and based off of a book by Fannie Hurst. … Continue reading Young at Heart: Ethel Barrymore and Frank Sinatra

Gene Tierney and Summer Reading

This summer, I've been reading biographies of Hollywood stars from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. I began with the autobiography of Gene Tierney entitled Self Portrait. She was considered by some to be the most beautiful woman of her time: Navigating the early years of studios and productions in Hollywood, Tierney seemed to truly enjoy acting, but … Continue reading Gene Tierney and Summer Reading